Special Workshops

Amazing teachers from all over the country and the world stop by Wise Fool to share their expertise. We will announce special workshops here as they happen. Or, get a notification right to your email inbox by signing up for our monthly email newsletter!

Guest Teacher Anya Shevlyuk, from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Single-point Aerial Hoop (Int/Adv Levels)

Monday, October 10th 5:15 - 7:15 

Lyra/Aerial Hoop is a metal circle that is suspended from a single point. All participants are expected to properly warm up (on their own) before the workshop begins. This workshop starts off with conditioning drills, which advance toward more intricate sequences, spins and tricks.

Req: Students must have aerial hoop experience, be able to do 1 pull up from a dead hang, invert without assistance & feel comfortable being upside and for long periods of time.

Limited to 8 people

Pre Reg: $40 each class

Day of: $50 each class


Flexibility (Int/Adv Levels)

Monday October 10th, 7:30 - 9:30 

This workshop is for those wanting to improve already existing flexibility, strength and balance. Techniques combined from ballet, gymnastics, yoga, as well as Mongolian and Russian traditions are used to guide students towards a deeper and greater range of mobility. This dynamic session will include conditioning drills and deep stretches for the legs, hips, back and shoulders, as well as learning tricks like standing poses and inversions.

Req: Must have splits (or be close and working on them), and be able to hold a bridge comfortable for 1 minute.

Limited to 15 people

Pre Reg: $40 each class

Day of: $50 each class

Dance Strap Loops (Beg/Int Levels)

Tuesday, October 11th 12 - 2pm

Unlike regular flat Aerial Straps these specific apparatus is made up of 2 round cotton loops that meet at a single point above the aerialist. Although typically performed by the most daring of cirque performers, straps can also be used for conditioning drills. In this workshop students begin with strength building exercises followed by sequences, spins and tricks.

Req: Must feel comfortable inverting off the ground. Background in aerial, cheer, dance and gymnastics is helpful.

Limited to 8 people

Pre Reg: $40

Day of: $50


Acro & Aerial Stilts

taught by guest teachers Alessandra Ogren and Meg

Saturday, October 15th 1 - 4pm

$50 pre-reg or $60 the day of. Click here to pre-register.