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Adult Classes


Wise Fool welcomes adults of all ages, genders, fitness and experience levels to join us for ongoing classes in circus arts and theatre!

Please note that our class schedule changes from session to session. Disciplines taught throughout the year may include trapeze, lyra, aerial fabric, acrobalance, physical theatre, juggling, unicycling, handstands, conditioning, and more. Join our mailing list in the yellow box to the right to receive monthly email announcements about new classes.  

All classes listed below take place at Wise Fool Studio in Santa Fe. 

CLASS PRICES (unless otherwise noted in class listing)

1.5 hour clases: $130 if you register for 8-week session ($16/class). $20/class if dropping in. Check each class description for drop-in policy.

NEW DISCOUNT! If you take 3 classes, and one of them is non-aerial, the third class is 25% off, or $100 for the 8-week session.

Questions? Email adults@wisefoolnm.org or call Ilana at 505-310-9723.




 (note: you must create a Front Desk account to register, if you'd like to pay by cash or check, use the coupon code CASHPAY at check out).

Contact ilana at adults@wisefoolnm.org with questions.

Trapeze & Lyra

with Ilana Blankman, Zeke Harrell & Deirdre Morris
Class includes a dynamic warm-up, floor exercises and aerial vocabulary, technique, and conditioning on static trapeze & lyra/aerial hoop in a supportive, non-competitive environment. Trapeze and Lyra are hung low at 3' to 7' high. No previous experience necessary!

Pre-registration is encouraged as classes fill up fast!

Level 1 & 2 Trapeze & Lyra: for total beginners and folks with one or two sessions of trapeze under their belt!

Level 3 & 4 Trapeze & Lyra: for students that have taken at least two sessions of trapeze or with previous experience in trapeze/lyra.


Aerial Fabric
with  Elise Southwick, Deirdre Morris, Lisa Kadel, Ilana Blankman, & Heather Muntean

Contact adults@wisefoolnm.org if you have a question about which level is right for you.

Learn or further develop the fundamentals of aerial fabric, sometimes called "silks". This course will include climbing, wraps, foot locks, drops, and poses. From conditioning and basic skills to explorations in choreography, fabrics are a fun way to build core strength and flexibility while defying gravity! Pre-registration is encouraged as classes fill up fast! Sign up for one or more classes per week.

Mixed Level Fabric: suitable for complete beginners all the way through advanced students. Drop-ins welcome!
Fabric 1/2:  designed for total beginners or students who are working on sequences 2 & 3, you will learn the fundamental skills and build strength.
Fabric 3/4: for students who are working on sequence 4 and up. Must be able to hip key and invert in the air.


With Sarah Jane Moody

Via the red nose clown, we will explore comedic timing, stage presence, breath, the absurd, problem solving in the clown world, stillness, character development, and improvisation in duos and trios. This class is great for a deeper recognition of who we are and what we have to offer on stage, from circus to Shakespeare. It is all about  authentic expression and tapping into our own inner clown. If you've taken this class with me before, come take it again. Many students do this as there is so much to learn and practice over and over again. All levels welcome. 


With Elise Southwick

All-levels, Saturdays 10 - 11:30am, Drop-ins encouraged!

This class is suitable for folks at all levels who want to better understand how their body works, set stretching goals, develop active flexibility and increase range of motion. This is a perfect compliment to aerial and acrobalance classes.


with Colleen McKeown & Amy Christian

Acrobalance involves the physical act of sharing weight and balancing between two or more people. We'll explore acrobal­ance from both cir­cus and yoga per­spec­gives, blending trust and con­nec­tion with dynamic play, flex­i­bil­ity for mind and body, and phys­i­cal con­di­tion­ing. Acrobalance will lit­er­ally turn you upside down and give you a whole new per­spec­tive on your poten­tial to be both strong and sup­ported from the ground up into the air.  No experience and no partner necessary!

with Elise Southwick
Whether you're completely new to going upside down or you're looking for a fun way to gain strength and stamina in your handstands, this class is sure to be a fun and tough workout! Handstands can be a very slow but rewarding process and this class will give you the tools you need to work towards better lines, balance and fun shapes.

All Levels: Thursdays, 5:30 - 7:00pm drop-ins allowed!


with David Nieto

Life is more fun on one wheel! Learn the basics of unicycling or add on more advanced skills to your unicycling practice. Suitable for all ages and all experience levels.

Aerial Rope

with Elise Southwick

An advanced level class for students who have completed Fabric 4 or have previous rope experience. The class includes open drops, momentum, one arm holds and other challenging skills for advanced students.

Open Studio
various instructors

$10 drop in for currently enrolled students, or buy a 5 pass for $45 or 10 pass for $85. (open studio passes are valid for a full year) 

An opportunity to practice what you're learning in classes. Supervised but not a led class. No registration necessary for drop-ins.
Tuesdays, 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Sundays, 5:00 - 7:00 pm

Family Circus OPEN STUDIO

With Lisa Kadel

Want some high-quality family time? Try it in the air! This family circus class will give parents a chance to climb like a kid and kids a chance to show their parents the way. The first hour of class will be a led class, and the second hour is a family-oriented open studio. Students will learn trapeze, fabric, juggling, stilt-walking & acrobalance. The class is suitable for people of all experience levels, and ages 5 through 75. Kids don't have to bring a parent to participate.
Saturdays, 11:30am – 1:30 pm, DROP-INS ENCOURAGED
Cost is $15 for the whole two hours, or $5 for the second hour of open studio
Click here to pay, but no registration Necessary


Private lessons are $60/hour for one person; $15/hour each additional person. Special rate available for large groups. Contact teachers below for more information.

  • Amy Bertucci-Nieto--Trapeze, Duo Trapeze, Acrobatic Stiltwalking.  birdyucci@hotmail.com
  • Ilana Blankman--Vertical rope, Handstands, Aerial Fabric, Trapeze, beginner aerial hoop. ilanablankman@gmail.com 
  • Amy Christian--Partner Acrobalance, Aerial Fabric, Stiltwalking. amy@wisefoolnm.org
  • Colleen McKeown--Partner Acrobalance, Trapeze, Duo Trapeze, Lyra/Aerial Hoop. cebmckeown@gmail.com
  • Elise Southwick-- Flexibility, aerial fabric, aerial rope, handstands, esouth87@gmail.com.
  • Sarah-Jane Moody--Clown, Physical Theatre.  sarahjanemoody@yahoo.com
  • David Nieto—Juggling & Unicycle. sageland@me.com 305 834-1524