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SeeSaw by Wise Fool New Mexico

  • SeeSaw is a 30-minute outdoor physical theatre spectacle set in a landscape of interactive kinetic sculptures.
  • SeeSaw is a jaw-dropping performance that is accessible to all. A live public arts experience that can happen in your local park, street, or plaza! 
  • SeeSaw is visually rich and physically dynamic. It articulates a timely story of migration, displacement, and the reclamation of “home”.
  • SeeSaw brings thought-provoking art into daily life in a format that is proven to reach the widest and most diverse cross section of our society.
  • WFNM’s inspiration to create SeeSaw comes from our commitment to theater that offers new insights on the human condition within our evolving society. WFNM’s strength and history lies in our ability to combine daring physical dexterity with visual splendor. Disarming audiences in this way opens the door for new ideas, releases preconceptions and ultimately imbues audiences with a sense that anything is possible. The issues of migration and immigration are personally and socially pervasive and immediate. WFNM strives to create a performance that will act as a luscious and enticing entryway to exploration and expansive thought on the myriad perspectives and experiences of this socially and politically charged subject.


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SeeSaw engagements are managed by Elsie Management http://www.elsieman.org/artists/WFNM.html



Can we create community/home in the places where we are currently living either by choice or by circumstance? SeeSaw examines interactions between the masses of the displaced and the forces of nativism; exploring the power dynamics that exist at points of contact. Instrumental in that struggle is the way in which societal mechanisms create chaos, dysfunction, and imbalance. SeeSaw performers embody our cultural contradictions while lyrically navigating a difficult landscape illustrating resiliency, adaptation, collective creativity, and mutuality. 
The power dynamics that surround issues of migration are not simple, and are impacting individuals and communities in serious and often life threatening ways. We want to do justice to these stories and struggles as we ask ourselves what is our responsibility as “citizens” in the current dialogue about immigration and how can we effect meaningful change?

Photography by Joshua Sage





SeeSaw is a multi-ethnic collaboration between many powerful creative forces. Each member of the creative team brings unique artistic vision and personal perspective to the process. SeeSaw development commenced in the winter of 2011 and will continue until the spring of 2013 in Santa Fe, NM. Production began by drawing input from our wider community’s experiences of migration, diaspora, displacement, colonization, and social stigmas of "the other". Working in intensive sessions, the creative team combined their expertise in areas of theme/script development, kinetic sculpting, aerial, dance and acrobatic choreography, costuming, visual art, and original music compositions; collaboratively influencing the final story as the process unfolds.  



Alessandra Ogren, SeeSaw Director, Artistic Director of the Peñasco Theatre  http://www.penascotheatre.org
Rebekah Tarín, SeeSaw Creative Consultant, Writer, Managing Director of the Peñasco Theatre
Deirdre Morris, SeeSaw Co-Director, Choreographer
Kim Epiphano, Guest Choreographer,
Amy Christian, Wise Fool New Mexico Co-founder and Artistic Director. Check out her 
TEDx talk about the power of outdoor theater! 
Christian Ristow
, Kinetic Sculptor,
Christina Sporrong, Kinetic Sculptor and Founder of Spitfire Forge,
Cannupa Hanska, Visual Artist,
Nina Silfverberg, Costume Designer,
Ginger Dunhill, DJ and Music Composer 
Ian Rosenkranz, Technical Director
Ben Wright, Sound Engineer

SeeSaw cast includes veteran performers :
Amy Bertucci-Nieto, Amy Christian, Serena Rascon
, Esther deMonteflores, Deollo Johnson, and Nikesha Breeze.

The kinetic structure, designed and created by Christian Ristow and Christina Sporrong is unstable and ever-changing, as precarious and off balance as the world we live in. We are often unaware of how global migration issues play out in our modern world. The impacts of colonialism, global corporatism, climate change, and endless warfare influence patterns of migration, affecting the areas and communities people flee and where they seek refuge. The stilt costumes, sculptures in their own right, designed by sculpture artist Cannupa Hanska and costume designer Nina Silferberg represent the various locals we come from and the “homes” we all bring with us, as we move from one location to another. What do we bring, and what gets left behind? 
The first creative phase was a process of trial and error, physics and experimentation. Creative Consultant Rebekah Tarin facilitated historical and contemporary education, experiential modalities, and discussions on migration and immigration. Choreographers Deidre Morris and Kim Epiphano led the cast through many journeys to explore the structure and create a common physical language utilizing cast ideas, experiences and perceptions about migration. 

SeeSaw has received funding from generous private donors as well as the Santa Fe Arts Commission, National Endowment for the Arts, The McCune Foundation, New Mexico Arts, a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs, and The Just Woke Up Fund from the Santa Fe Community Foundation.

A HUGE thank you again to everyone who contributed to our Indiegogo campaign and to those who gave individual contributions.  A special thank you to our official sponsors, Century Bank, Los Alamos Bank, and New Mexico Bank and Trust, for their consistent support.  We are eternally grateful for all that you do. 










SeeSaw has recently returned from its first international tour in September 2013.

Here are some "Reflections from Bogota, Colombia"


SeeSaw: Bodies in Migration, an exciting new Wise Fool Production created in the hopes of touring as an outdoor stilt-dance and aerial performance just returned from a wonderful and successful tour to Colombia. We arrived in Bogota, with 17 bags of equipment in tow graciously welcomed by the lovely Al Teatro Taller based in a historic theatre in Bogota's Candelaria District.  We performed 2 shows at the IX Festival Internacional de Teatro Callejero Al Aire Puro- Jorge Vargas, a street theatre festival hosted by Al Teatro Taller August 29th - September 1st.  We gratefully joined theatre companies from Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Spain, Argentina and Canada presenting works ranging from contemporary dance, clowning, puppetry, stilt dance, aerials, acro-dance and circus.  Venues were set up throughout the city with a constant schedule of performances and workshops. Our tour began at the Parque Nacional on a drizzly Friday night. On Sunday we performed for a large family filled crowd in a neighborhood called Tunal in Bogota in front of a beautifully modern library .The National Farmers strikes and road blocks impacted the festival schedule a bit but the callejeros were all very supportive of the  farmers rights movement taking place.  The change of schedule allowed us the freedom to travel to El Placer, the incredibly beautiful and relaxing mountain town where David Nieto’s father and family live!  After our 3 day respite we took a 10 hour bus trip to Manizales, about 150 miles from Bogota through the Andes to the XXXV Festival Internacional Teatro de Manizales, established in 1968 it is the oldest theatre festival in Latin America, and truly impressive in its scope! We performed 3 outdoor shows to large and enthusiastic crowds, each seeming to appreciate the beauty and importance of street theatre.  We are grateful to the teatre companies, production crews and artists that facilitated  such amazing opportunites for creative public engagement. Taking SeeSaw on the road was an exciting learning experience, thanks to our talented cast;  Esther de Monteflores, Nikesha Breeze, Serena Rascon, Amy Nieto ad Amy Christian; and great crew, Alessandra Ogren, David Nieto, and Rebekah Tarin.


We look forward to many more adventures!